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Many people think they will never need the services of a lawyer because they lead quiet lives and never break the law. The fact is, however, that many individuals find themselves involved in civil lawsuits, the most common of which involve contract disputes. For instance, if a property owner were to contractually engage the service of a contractor who failed to keep up his or her end of the bargain, the two sides may find themselves arguing their cases in court. Other instances in which homeowners may find themselves in a legal argument involve disputes over property ownership and damages to one person’s property or real estate, which may be handled by a civil litigation attorney. Life can get contentious.

Most TV shows and movies portray lawyers arguing in court. While there are lawyers who are trial attorneys, lawyers do much more than go to trial. A lawyer can help you with starting a business, tax issues, estate planning, marital issues and so much more. If you have a legal concern, please call (732) 222-8800 to make an appointment. My office is at 1141 Lincoln Square in Long Branch. 

HINT: A lawyer may be needed to win a negligence case involving an accident or to litigate a discrimination or harassment case at work.