Child Custody

When a marriage breaks up, it usually has a profound effect on the children.  Responsible parents will do anything they can to lessen the emotional damage to their children.  In determining who will have custody of the children, many factors are considered, including age, the relationship with each parent, the work schedule of each parent, safety of the home, and history of domestic violence, addiction, or mental illness.

The parent who has legal custody has the right to make all decisions regarding the children's care and safekeeping even if the parents share physical custody.  Physical custody is where the children live; some parents have joint custody while others have sole custody depending on the suitability of the home and the care.  Some parents only have visitation rights, an agreed-upon schedule of time to spend with the child.  If the parent is responsible and can be trusted to keep the children safe, they can take the children on outings.  If the parent is deemed a danger, supervised visitation is ordered. 

Adam Schneider will fight to make sure your children are placed in the safest environment.  There are helpful resources for helping children cope with divorce and changes in living arrangements on our Resources and Links page.