Domestic Violence

We usually think "battered wife" when we think of domestic violence, but abuse takes other forms as well.  Abuse can be verbal, mental, or sexual, and includes harassment, stalking, and threats.  Abuse victims are not always women - children and men are also frequent victims, and abuse is found in every community regardless of income, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, education level, or sexual orientation.  Abuse is about control. 

If you and/or your children feel afraid and threatened due to the actions of a spouse, partner, relative or "friend," you need to take action to protect yourself.  The Resources and Links page of this website has links to help you make decisions and a safety plan.  Adam Schneider can help you put legal protections in place to prevent your abuser from continuing to inflict pain and fear.

Domestic violence destroys lives.  No one deserves to be abused.  Help is available, ask for help now.